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YAHE in the 124th Canton Fair


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YAHE in the 124th Canton Fair


YAHEBIO attended the 124th Canton Fair in Phase 2 during 23rd to 27th October, 2018.

Nowadays, people have showed their great interest in room aroma products, such as diffuser and reed diffuser. According to the inquiries' feedback from different side, mre and more customers show interests to our fragrance oil used for diffuser. So, our engineers have been making a lot of effort on developing our fragrance oil according to the market requirements. See below picture, we put our fragrance oil into the diffuser bottle directly. And we put this diffuser in the corner of our booth and let the fragrance aroma spread throughout the booth. Then many customers stopped and got into our booth to know about our fragrance oil. This made our exhibition more effective.

YAHE BIO COMPANY have been keeping developing more popular fragrances and improving the quality to meet more customers’ requirements. We wish to bring our high quality products to more and more customer's hands!



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