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  • List of 26 Allergens on Fragrance

    2018-Aug-07 16:46:12

    List of 26 Allergens on Fragrance   26 allergens declaration for Cosmetic and detergent product is under EU Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC, as amended by 2003/15/EC. It was established in 2003 by official Journal of the European Union. Behold, we, YAHEBIO, will show you what the 26 Allergens on Fragrance are. 序号 NO. 英文 Substance 中文 Chinese CAS Registry NO. EINECS Registry NO. 01 Amyl Cin...

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  • How to use YAHE fragrance oil or perfume oil into the aroma diffuser?

    2018-Sep-17 11:24:27

    How to use YAHE fragrance oil or perfume oil into the aroma diffuser? Step 1; put about 200-400ml water into the machine container; as the max volume of this machine is 500ml. Step 2: make only one or two drops YAHE fragrance into the water. May I take your attention here? There are many attractive fragrances for your option from YAHE product list. Step 3: turn on the machine. The wonderful aroma ...

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  • YAHE Tips for perfume making

    2018-Sep-17 11:25:04

    YAHE fragrance team are happly introduce some perfume making tips as below Perfume alcohol have to be refined before use.     Treatment methods of perfume alcohol: ①, add 1% sodium hydroxide in alcohol, boil a few hours after the flow, and then after one or more fractionation, the collection of which smell more pure part, for the preparation of perfume-make. If you want to prepare high-l...

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  • YAHE Fishing Tips

    2017-Dec-01 11:18:20

    Fishing tip No.1 Do anything you can that makes the fish eat your worm or bait. Like down here! Fishing tip No. 2 You can sing a beautiful song to move the fish closer to the hook, which is in the other direction. (There are many songs in the list, such as: 1, you belong with me; 2, close to you; 3, I will always love you, and the like) Yes, above for fun. Fishing tip No. 3 Right after you th...

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