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    Coffee fragrance for auto perfume

    Auto perfume is a mixed liquid of essential oils, fixing agent and alcohol in order to keep a durable and pleasant smell in car. Car perfume is for you to create a new natural, healthy way of life, allowing you to enjoy the pure taste and elegant warmly living quality of life. This coffee fragrance is applied to auto perfume very well. It smells mellow, so the smell won't irritate your body. 1. Long lasting aroma; 2. Coffee aroma fragrance for car perfume; 3. 16 years manufacturer of flavor and fragrance with ISO9001, ISO22000 Certificates; 4. Liquid fragrance; 5. Pure and natural coffee scent; 6. High quality and favorable factory price; 7. Minimum order quantity: 2kg; 8. Packing: 2kg, 5kg, 20kg PE Jerry Can bottles. .

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